The Jesuit Habit And Dress

Jesuits do not have an official habit. The society’s Constitutions gives the following instructions: “The clothing too should have three characteristics: first, it should be proper; second, conformed to the usage of the country of residence; and third, not contradictory to the poverty we profess.” (Const. 577)

Historically, a “Jesuit-style cassock” became “standard issue”: it was wrapped around the body and was tied with a cincture, rather than the customary buttoned front.[118] A tuftless biretta (only diocesan clergy wore tufts) and a ferraiolo (cape) completed the look.[citation needed]

Today, most Jesuits in the United States wear the clerical collar and black clothing of ordinary priests, although some still wear the black cassock.[119] Jesuits in tropical countries may use a white cassock.[120]

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